Clarifications about our Various Spring Programs

Mar 7, 2019 11:05 AM

To all registered players and parents of our various Spring/Summer 2019 programs:

We continue to receive emails and calls requesting clarification of the various programs, registration periods, and tryouts dates, so we are sending this email and posting the information on our website to ensure everyone has a full understanding of what we are offering and what you have already registered for (or not registered for).  This explanation is in the order of when the seasons actually play out, so please read it carefully.


Middle School Baseball is open only to Middle School students who were born prior to September 1, 2006.  This program begins next week, games begin in late March, and the season goes through Late May, with the exception explained below.  Any players interested in this program should have registered at no charge prior to March 1, and the tryouts for this program were last Saturday March 2 and this coming Saturday March 9.  Players trying out for Middle School Baseball  will be placed on a team based on their skill level.  The three highest-skill teams will play in the Greater Hudson Valley league, and the fee to play on one of those three teams will be $400; all other players will play in the Fairfield County Spring Babe Ruth League for a fee of $200.   

Teams playing in the Greater Hudson Valley League may play in a league playoff which could end in very early June.  This will be the only exception regarding the schedule.  All other Middle School players will complete their Middle School Season around May 15-20, depending on weather. 

If you tried out for Middle School Baseball but did not intend to, or confused that signup and tryout for our regular later Spring League, please email us at SBRL2013@GMAIL.COM IMMEDIATELY, and let us know so we can remove you from the Middle School list.  Since no Middle School players have paid any money for Middle School baseball, taking your name off that list is very simple and involves no refunds.  

If you want to play Middle School Baseball but missed the free registration window or last week's tryout, please email us at SBRL2013@GMAIL.COM, IMMEDIATELY, and you will need to attend the second tryout this coming Saturday.  When we get your email, we will respond with specific tryout information for Saturday.  


Late Spring Baseball is our regular "House League" baseball program, open to ALL AGE GROUPS from 13-18.  This Program begins in late May and goes through about July 1.  Players interested in this program have either already registered for a fee of $250, or need to register by March 31.  Tryouts for all age groups up to 16u will generally take place in late March or April, and have not yet been announced.

If you paid a registration fee of $250 , it was for this program (or Thunder, which is described below) which means your baseball season will not begin until late May, when the High School seasons end and our Middle School season wraps up

If you paid the $250 registration fee but were intending to register for Middle School instead (i.e., a Middle School player that wants to play in April and May), PLEASE EMAIL THE LEAGUE AT SBRL2013@GMAIL.COM Immediately , and let us know that. You will need to follow the instructions above for unregistered Middle School players, and your email to us will ensure we apply your payment correctly.

WE DO NOT OFFER ANY BASEBALL PROGRAMS TO HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS IN APRIL OR EARLY MAY, because most high school baseball players are playing for their schools and by Connecticut High School regulations are not allowed to play for any other program until their high school season ends. 


Thunder baseball is our elite travel division, and it begins in Late May just like the Late Spring Baseball program , i.e., when High School players complete their high school season and Middle School Baseball ends.  Thunder players already had their tryouts , and were required to pay the Late Spring Baseball registration fee of $250 in order to tryout.  Because the Thunder teams need to register for tournaments by March 1, we conducted those tryouts earlier than everything else so that our Thunder coaches know what players they will have for the Thunder season, and can plan their tournaments accordingly.  But to repeat, Thunder baseball will not begin until late May.

Players who tried out but were not selected for a Thunder team automatically go into the pool of players registered for LATE SPRING BASEBALL.

If you tried out for a Thunder team and were not selected, your registration will transfer to Late Spring Baseball, and you don't need to do anything more.  We will contact you when tryouts are announced for Late Spring Baseball. 

If YOU REGISTERED FOR ANY or ALL of our baseball programs and are confused about what you've signed up for, or where you need to be and when, please email us to clarify;  We will be happy to assist anyone who is unsure.

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